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The following outlines the NBK Employee Handbook.  Comprising of important company information about NBK’s history, culture, values and the expectations placed upon us all in terms of key policies, as we strive to achieve our strategic visions to be “best in class”.

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The History of NBK

Early 1950’s

Sheikh Nasser established Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani Holding with a distinct vision: A commitment to establishing a world-class company, one in which entrepreneurial excellence was the norm, whose innovative and ethical business practices would benefit not only its individual customers, but the state of Qatar as a whole. Then he set about making this vision into a reality.  Under Sheikh Nasser’s guidance, the company quickly became one of the most respected, in-demand operations in the country and the region.

NBK Holding managed the selling and distribution of notable international brands in the Qatari market and, later on, enlarged its range of activities to entail significant investment, industrial and trade sectors, turning into a key player in the exponentially developing economy of the State of Qatar.

Early 1950’s
Over the years

NBK Holding widened its umbrella of businesses to entail several new companies with various operations and partnered with key mutli-national organizations.

Over the years

Nasser Bin Khaled Holding is a lead provider of premium products and incomparable services, strategically aligning itself world’s best and managing more numerous first-class companies and dealerships such as Mercedes Benz, Maybach, Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Fuso, Harley Davidson, Bosch, Michelin and Zeibart.  NBK owns other major companies in the fields of industry, construction, civil engineering, agriculture, real estate, consultancy, car rental.

Nasser Bin Khaled attributes its series of success to an extremely proficient team who has, forever, been at the heart of executing major private and public developmental projects in the country and who has made NBK vision a living reality.

Since its inception

NBK has achieved more than just astounding commercial success. Today, the company has earned unprecedented levels of credibility and trust among its clients in Qatar and beyond. A testament to this fact can be found in the company’s strategic alliances with internationally renowned organizations.  As Qatar is moving forward, the vision of His Highness, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is unfolding in the form of impressive achievements on the ground. NBK’s current success has played a central role in Qatar’s overall rapid development and has turned into the country’s companion of choice that is successfully contributing to the growth of the economy and community.

Guided by its Vision for the Future, NBK is set to keep on leading the Qatari market with its various services and product lines, all the while following the innovative, pragmatic and proactive strategies that cater to the diversifying requirements of a modern, cosmopolitan market.

Since its inception
Core Principles

Our Culture and Values

Our culture, is one of an extended NBK family, valuing each and every employee, recognising and reward loyalty, excellence, hard work, determination and commercial successes.  In addition, NBK have a very clear understanding of the importance of strong leadership and operate in a supportive environment enabling accountability and effective decision making at all levels.

We hold dear the long-term focus on economic growth that brought us thus far in our commercial journey, and in today’s market NBK’s aspirations are respectful of its successful heritage and are aligned with the continued aspirations of the country for further economic growth and development.

About Us

What do we do?

We Provide


In the automotive industry, Nasser Bin Khaled is a leading provider of premium international products and services that cater to the ever-growing local market demands. NBK aligned itself with many global companies offering prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors , Morris Garages, Fuso, Maxus and Harley Davidson. In addition to numerous centers catering to all kinds of customers’ demands for vehicles, tires, spare parts and accessories such as Bosch, Michelin and Ziebart.

We Provide

Travel & Tourism

A full-spectrum travel and tourism services company, NBK Travel & Tourism established in June 2008, with the objective of supporting the growing demand for travel and related services in Qatar.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals, NBK Travel & Tourism has, in a short span of time, established strong industry networks and built a sterling reputation for offering an extensive roster of world-class services.

We Provide


We at Nasser Bin Khaled Construction Holding are committed to contributing to the development of our country, thereby shaping a future that glows with promise.We believe that the past should guide us as we move ahead, approaching the future with solid and measured steps. Only then can we truly fulfill the potential we hold, a potential that will boost the State of Qatar. An exceptional place. Our home.Our Vision for the Future presents us with the need to manage our resources wisely and to guarantee that our products and services add real value to our community and society

We Provide

Real Estate

A New Benchmark In Qatar’s Real Estate Sector No longer overshadowed by its ritziest neighbors, Qatar has witnessed the rise of several world-class real estate projects. Management companies leading these ambitious developments need a combination of deep-rooted local expertise and international knowledge. They need to be strategic, proactive, transparent and highly professional in their business activities.

We Provide

Financial Services

Nasser Bin Khaled Services is a Nasser Bin Khaled Group in-house automotive finance company. We provide our customers with an exciting range of flexible finance and leasing solutions. This allows our customers to drive a brand new or pre-owned vehicle in an easy and most affordable way. Please see below table to find the options that suits you best.

Who are we ?

The link below will take you to the leadership page on our NBK Intranet, where you can view the Biographical information of the leaders in our business and the following link will allow you access to our company directory.


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