Posted time September 24, 2023

Job Description…

Develop and implement sales strategies to target corporate clients and achieve fleet sales targets.

Identify and engage with potential corporate customers through various channels, including cold calling, networking events, referrals, and industry contacts.

Build and maintain strong relationships with existing corporate clients, acting as their primary point of contact for all fleet-related inquiries and needs.

Understand the fleet requirements of corporate clients, including vehicle specifications, budgetary considerations, and service requirements.

Conduct thorough needs assessments with corporate clients to determine the most suitable fleet solutions and provide expert advice on vehicle selection, financing options, and after-sales services.

Collaborate with the sales team, product specialists, and other internal stakeholders to provide accurate and timely fleet proposals and quotes.

Present and demonstrate fleet vehicles to corporate clients, highlighting features, benefits, and competitive advantages.

Negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with corporate clients to close sales and secure contracts.

Collaborate with the finance and administrative teams to ensure seamless processing of fleet orders, including vehicle financing, leasing, registration, and delivery.

Stay updated on industry trends, market developments, and competitors’ offerings in the fleet sales segment.

Provide regular sales reports, forecasts, and updates to the Sales Manager, highlighting sales performance, potential opportunities, and challenges.

Attend industry trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences to promote fleet sales and build industry relationships.

Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by providing excellent pre-sales and after-sales support, addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and coordinating with service and maintenance teams as needed.

Collaborate with the marketing team to develop marketing materials and promotional campaigns targeting corporate clients.

Participate in sales training programs and workshops to enhance product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer relationship management skills.

Maintain accurate and up-to-date customer records, sales activities, and communications in the CRM system.

Adhere to company policies, ethical standards, and industry regulations in all sales activities.

Keep abreast of fleet-related legislation, tax regulations, and industry compliance requirements.


Skills :

  • Exceptional customer service skills, including interpersonal communication and rapport building
  • In-depth knowledge of the dealership’s vehicles, finance options and sales process
  • Intuition to anticipate which cars will appeal to different customers
  • Active listening to best determine a customer’s wants and needs
  • Persuasiveness to convince customers to make a purchase
  • Confidence to create a positive impression on customers
  • Negotiation skills to offer deals that satisfy customers while ensuring profit for the dealership
  • Organization and time management to handle many different customers, including past customers, at once
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills to coordinate sales with the financing department and/or other Salespeople
  • A welcoming and friendly demeaner
  • Knowledge and passion for vehicles
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