Posted time September 24, 2023

Job Description…

Provide technical support and guidance to customers, service technicians, and the sales team on automotive products, systems, and technologies.

Diagnose and troubleshoot complex technical issues reported by customers or service technicians, utilizing diagnostic tools, equipment, and resources.

Analyze technical data, service manuals, and electronic diagnostic reports to identify root causes of problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

Advise customers on recommended maintenance and repair services, explaining the benefits and potential risks associated with each option.

Collaborate with service technicians to ensure accurate and timely diagnosis and repair of vehicles, offering technical assistance as needed.

Assist in training service technicians on new technologies, tools, and diagnostic equipment, ensuring their proficiency and adherence to safety standards.

Stay updated on the latest automotive technologies, service procedures, and product enhancements through continuous learning and training initiatives.

Maintain accurate and detailed records of customer interactions, service requests, and technical findings using the dealership’s CRM or service management system.

Collaborate with the parts department to ensure the availability of necessary components and accessories for timely repairs.

Provide feedback to the Service Manager on common technical issues, product quality concerns, and opportunities for process improvements.

Assist in the development and implementation of service bulletins, technical guidelines, and standard operating procedures to ensure consistent service quality.

Conduct technical workshops and seminars for customers, educating them on product features, maintenance practices, and troubleshooting tips.

Participate in service meetings and training sessions to enhance product knowledge, technical skills, and customer service abilities.

Collaborate with the sales team to provide technical support during pre-sales activities, product demonstrations, and customer consultations.

Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, ensuring their trust and confidence in the dealership’s technical expertise.

Ensure compliance with safety regulations and guidelines, promoting a safe working environment for all employees and customers.

Assist in warranty claim management, including documentation, verification, and coordination with the manufacturer or warranty provider.

Support the Service Manager in analyzing service performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing corrective actions.

Adhere to dealership policies, procedures, and ethical standards while carrying out job responsibilities. Perform other department duties related to his/her position as directed by the Head of the Department

Skills :

Automotive experience

Mechanical engineering education

3-5 years experience


This job is Expired